Welcome to the Euro-IX Peering Toolbox

A community led Euro-IX project: By the community, for the community.

The Peering Toolbox is a community led project initiated to provide support and best practice information for new entrants into the interconnection community. The organisations involved include LINXNAPAfrica, HEAnet, Kentik and DE-CIX with previous contribtutions from INEX, Cloudflare, Amazon and Microsoft.
There is a lot of good work already in the community, and the Peering Toolbox wants to serve as a great resource by providing practical information about peering and the community but also filling in the gaps where information is missing.
We would like your input! Do you have good material that could benefit the community? Do you want the Peering Toolbox to reference your documents? Or, are you looking for something that you can't find? Get in touch!


Provide support and best practice information for new entrants into the peering community.


Act as a reference/guide that IXPs and networks can point others to for best practice information and learn how to peer successfully and competently.

Fill in the gaps

Fill in the gaps when it comes to practical information on peering.

A place that you can learn about peering and share what's available in one place, in a way that is useful for everyone!

A lot of good work has been done by the community. If you have good material that you are maintaning or that you host, let us know and we'd be happy to add it to the Peering Toolbox!

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