On this page, we discuss with the community, everything to do with peering!

Peering Discussions

Peering Discussion with Andy Davidson – 2 September 2021

1. Risks of Peering (What can go wrong)?
  • Networks of value might not peer with you
  • When adding new routes, you’ve made the burden to monitor your network higher. Network Engineer will increase.
  • Hardware have limitations, spec your hardware correctly
2. Security measures to consider?
  • Secure your servers, applications and hardware. Work with your local IXP to discuss the possible solutions.
  • Adhere to Best Practices: MANRS & RPKI
  • Peering policy considerations?
3. Who is responsible for the Routing of Traffic?
  • All Networks are responsible for the routing of traffic. Please note that the IXP is only layer
4. Why peer?
  • It allows networks to control their own traffic cost-effectively, providing them with more paths to reach their destinations and for other networks to find them. It provides me with a backup path to key destinations.
5. How do I decide where to peer?
  • Understand where your traffic is going and the top 10 networks that you are sending the traffic to. Using PeeringDB, this could help you decide which data centre to be in in order to reach them.
6. Should I invest in a technical team or should I outsource?
  • Only invest if it provides a benefit to your entire business.

Peering Discussion with Darwin Costa – (DE-CIX), 7 September 2021

1. Is pre-wiring the way to go?
  • Yes, depending on the dimension of your infrastructure. Pre-wiring (pre-patching) keeps your cabinet clean and organized.
2. How does a peer plan for capacity?
  • Have a threshold in mind.
3. How do I justify peering to my manager?
  • Get to understand how peering will benefit your network in terms of financial savings and lower latency by discovering the shortest path.
4. Should I have my own Public IP addresses?
  • This is not required, however it is strongly recommended.
5. How do I negotiate peering?
  • First, look at the location and available peers, this would assist with justifying your peering location. Once you have decided on a peering location, start determining the peering policies of each of the networks you are planning to peer with.
6. How do I justify to my company to travel to Peering Events?
  • Work together with your IXP to understand the value of attending these events. Suggest that a manager from your company accompany you to an event to see what it is all about. Conferences are great for meeting new people in the industry, discuss peering strategies and keep up to date with what is happening in the industry.