General Peering Best Practices


Making Decisions on how and when to peer by James Bensley



When your new interconnect has been installed and the IXP/Network you have connected to is pre-wired and link remains down, we recommend following the below steps:

  • Enable your ports 
  • RX/TX swop 
  • Use a new port 
  • Test the cable


Tips for Cabling in Cabinet

  • Plan your deployment by mapping out your hardware and the slack gaps between the hardware. Always plan ahead.
  • Measure the length of patch-leads required. Having too much slack in a rack could cause a space issue.
  • Pre-wire your hardware to your patch panels if applicable as this allows for a cleaner install and easier troubleshooting.
  • Label your devices & patch panels and be sure to capture this on your device.
  • Keep a layout diagram close.